50 Cent Responds To Rick Ross’ Bankrupty Shade By Using/Abusing 100$ Bills

50 Cent is swinging between ‘bankrupt’ and ‘loaded’ like a monkey with bananas in too many trees.

You may know that old mate Curtis Jackson filed for bankruptcy just as the punitive damages portion of the sex tape lawsuit against him – filed by rival Rick Ross‘s ex-girlfriend Lastonia Leviston – kicked in (much coincidence, many fuckheadery).
He cried poor in court, claiming the jewellery, cars, designer clothes, courtside seats, and literal wads of cash he posts on social media on the reg are all for show, and that he even returns a lot of it after he’s done posing.
But after Ross went on a shade-throwing rampage at Fiddy in interviews over the last week – and at one point saying, “Get rich or die trying, and now you bankrupt” – he’s had enough of pretending to be an average Joe who drives smart cars, and taken to Instagram to prove he’s still rich as balls.
The first post shows him waking up from a nap to cry out “I can’t see my legs!”… because they’re covered in 100$ bills.
Here he is casually watching TV while casually surrounded by wads of casual $$$, with one extra casual bunch casually shoved up against his dick. Casual.

But he’s still pretty skint, you guys.

Subtlety was never your strong point, Fids. Also – you’re a tool.
Images via Instagram.