Kylie Minogue’s split with long time manager Terry Blamey, after a 25-year relationship that saw our Kylie become Australia’s finest Pop export of all time, has confirmed rumors that she will be downing tools on-stage and in the studio to concentrate on her acting career.

Blamey had this to say about his former client.”Kylie has decided to pull back slightly from the pressures of her
career and devote more time to herself and her acting career
. This is not to say she will be retiring from music, just taking a
bit of a break

Taking a break is all well and good, as is devoting time to other pursuits, but promoting acting from hobby to main profession is more than a risk; it’s career suicide!

5 Reasons Why Kylie Minogue Shouldn’t Give Up Music

1. She consistently makes pretty excellent tunes
There are plenty who would argue against Minogue’s artistic merit but they can return the heads to their arses and just let the rest of us be. Her songs are catchy as fuck and they usually make you fell kinda good inside. Still not convinced? Rutger Hauer only stars in clips that are banger certified. Can’t argue with that.

2. She’s not a very good actress
It’s been a long time since Charlene Mitchell formed one half of Australia’s favourite couple and Minogue’s offerings in the interim have been pretty sad to say the least. On the Holy Motors press junket, Minogue summed it up best herself. “Most of the films I’ve done were just disastrous.” While the utterly confusing Motors did lend her some industry buzz, it was a role that proved difficult to decipher whether or not her thespian instincts had improved or if she’d just blended in with the bizarreness around her.

3. Madonna
Kylie’s pretty much the Aussie Madonna sans epic bitchiness and penchant for kidnapping adopting foreign children. And as Madonna’s extensive track record indicates; great music, shit movies.

4. Australian Gay Culture Is Yet To Find A Suitable Replacement
Minogue’s legacy as a gay icon will stand the test of time but there is only so many times you can watch your favourite drag queen perform Can’t Get You Out Of My Head before the the routine gets a little stale. 



5. She seems to be pretty cool and I don’t want to rip on her for making bad movies
Sure, she’s a seasoned pro and a class act in front of the camera but there’s a significant part of me that believes it’s less of an ‘act’ and she is just classy. Kylie seems like a genuinely nice person and we like to see genuinely nice people do well. 


Best of luck Kylie.

Picture by Axel Schmidt/Getty Images.