PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with BPAY to help you stay on top of your bills.

Life can be expensive, right? We’re all just out there earning those dollarydoos so that we can live our best lives. But those best lives inevitably come with bills. Like, do you enjoy a steaming hot shower? That’s what your water bill is for, mate. And would you like to continue living your vibey inner city lifestyle? Don’t forget your rent then, buddy.

Paying your bills is a fact of life. But the thing is, staying on top of them could be easy. You and your bills should be in a consensual, respectful, grown-up relationship. You shouldn’t be afraid of the commitment because you know, deep down, that your bills will only bring good things to your life (like light, literally). 

So here’s a guide to help you be an expert bill-payer-er:

Set yourself a reminder

We are all just walking around with these amazing things called smart phones in our pockets. We can dial up the other side of the world and check the wind temperatures in the Arctic Circle. Know what else you can do? Set alarm clock reminders to pay your bills on time. How’s that for organisation, guys. 

Get streamlined

Instead of being a ball of chaotic energy who receives their bills via three different email addresses and one carrier pigeon, start thinking about streamlining yourself. Set up BPAY View, this way you can find last month’s bills without any fuss. Forget about having to Command F your way through life. Consider this the Marie Kondo method of bill management. 

Draw up a budget

Draw up a budget and include your bills in it, friends. By adding your bills to your weekly/monthly breakdown you can stay on top of what’s going up and what needs to come down in your life. Basically, it will just be a reminder to stop buying stuff you don’t need. Oh, and also turn the lights off when you leave the house. Did your dad teach you nothing?

Choose the best way to pay… for you

There are a heap of different ways to pay your bills and you’ve gotta find the option that suits you. Like finding a glass slipper. Personally, I’m all about BPAY because you’ve got full control, it’s quick and you can do it all off your mobile. Or computer. Or tablet. Or any other device. It’s secure and you can schedule your payments. Winner winner.

And don’t forget, if you’re keen on saving some coin, BPAY are offering you the opportunity to win $1000 to go towards your phone bill. Pop in your answer below and you might score the big prize.


Really, there is no big secret to staying on top of your bills. Like everything in life, a little organisation goes a long way. So set those alarm clocks, draw up those budgets, manage those accounts and pay your bills – it should be quick, easy and give you great, adulting satisfaction. Look at you go you expert bill payer! 

Image: Instagram / @ashleybenson