As a part of the often-demonised age group know as millennials, I accept that I am most certainly a murderer. That is to say, according to most older media outlets, my smashed avo consumption and entitled lifestyle has killed off more businesses, places and things boomers like than the protagonist of a Quentin Tarantino film.

Look, I think I can speak for my fellow millennials in saying that we’re not proud of being a bunch of industry serial killers. But frankly, some of the industries had it coming. If we’re going to be given a thousand different options to live our lives, then some of those options are going to fall by the wayside. And those that do are hopefully going to be the real awful ones.

It’s this idea that sparked the recent AskReddit thread asking “What industry are you glad that Millennials are killing?” And the millennials of Reddit went in. Over the past 24 hours, redditors have picked some of the industries whose graves us millennials are more than happy to dance upon.

Classicpass got the top rated comment with an industry that in the age of smartphone contacts and Google, barely still exists:

jms_84 has a wish for a small part of an industry that they think needs to die:

Whapwhaap has some real talk about traditional engagement traditions:

It should be noted that a significant amount of comments talked specifically about diamonds: an industry that’s has way too many ethical and financial issues to list here.

Bec-o-bec also noticed a great side effect of recent health food crazes:

visionsofsolitude reminds us why we should always adopt when looking for a new furry friend:

The coincidentally named BeerSteak called out low-budget chain restaurants. While more prominent in the US, in Australia places like Sizzler have experienced the same fate:

If you’ve ever gotten the hard sell when trying to buy a new car, you can empathise with d–rad:

Hally_ had probably the most meta answer:

While JoeyHoser got philosophical about the whole concept:


But really, akpak summed it um in the most nihilistic, yet kinda true way:

Millennials: the world’s most notorious killers.

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Source: Reddit
Image: Baby Driver