Gucci Now Has A “Millennials Committee” To Advise Them If Shit’s Lit Or Not

Sharpen that CV the fuck up as the dreamiest dream job of all time has just arrived in the form of Gucci’s new shadow committee made up of millennial advisors who literally just let them know if things are cool or not.

That’s it. That’s the job.

Gucci chief executive Marco Bizzarri recently revealed the existence of the, let’s be real, insanely named SHADOW COMMITTEE (are they fucking super villains or something?) at a fashion summit in New York, saying that it’s the secret to their success:

It is a committee that is structured with people below the age of 30. The task is either discussing the same topics that we discuss in the normal meeting with executives, or giving me ideas on different processes.

Don’t know about you but I’m picturing these under-30 culture gods and goddesses literally just sitting around a table being shown a powerpoint presentation of random things and saying “that’s hot” a la Paris Hilton when they see something dope.

Bizzari reckons it’s already having a solid impact on Gucci, pointing to a recent move to start cutting their leather differently in order to save on waste, coming from the shadow committee.

Reducing waste to benefit the environment?

Oh and if my boss is reading this, the reason I’m not in work tomorrow is cause I quit and I’m going to go work at Gucci… somehow. Bye.