Medicare Needs Your Bank Deets So They Can Pay Over $110M In Owed Rebates

Medicare Needs Your Bank Deets So They Can Pay Over $110M In Owing Rebates

I get it, some people have a real ‘thing’ about giving out their personal details because spam and target marketing and such. Right now I’m picturing Ron Swanson throwing away his computer, and you know you are too. Here’s the thing though, sometimes you really should give your details. Medicare rebates are one of those times.

yeah, that’s the one

Case and point, over $110 million worth of Medicare rebates that can’t be paid because the people they belong too haven’t shared their bank details.

Speaking to Nine’s Today program on Thursday, Human Services Minister Michael Keenan says the roughly 670,000 who haven’t given the necessary info to receive their Medicare rebates need to get their act together because the government cannot do this for you.

People need to take responsibility to provide us with their bank account details. We give people ample opportunity to do that and we constantly remind them to update their bank account details with us.

So, guys, the lesson here is, log on to your account and take s a few minutes to make sure you’ve filled out all the info because as if you don’t want any money that’s owed you?

If you’re not sure how to go about that, I’ve saved you the quick Google so you can just head to the Aussie Government guide by giving this a big ol’ click. You’re welcome. Get yo’ money.