Bank Error In Belfast Teen’s Favour Drops A Casual $15.9M Into His Account

Belfast Teen Became A Millionaire Overnight Thanks To Bank Error

Belfast local, eighteen-year-old Dane Gillespie, became the luckiest teen around thanks to a bank error that added a few extra zeros to his deposit and made him the newest millionaire…at least for a few hours.

According to his mum, Gillespie had banked a PRETTY DAMN SIZEABLE AS IT WAS cheque from his obviously pretty generous Grandma for £8900 ($AU15,980).

He went to bed on Tuesday night and woke up the next morning to find it had cleared…for £8.9 million ($AU15.9m). When you’re even a millionaire in pounds you’re doing pretty damn well.

Did he get to keep it? No of course not, but can you just imagine the delight and subsequent sorrow of teenage you thinking you’d just been set up for life?

My son thought he was a millionaire for a few hours,” his mum Caroline told BelfastLive, “…I said to him this morning, ‘that cheque should be cleared in your savings’ and he went, ‘right’. Next minute my husband messaged me with the photograph of his bank account details. It took me a wee while to click.

And the best part, at least if you don’t include the Irish accent that is even amazing in print, is his reaction to the discovery. It’s just SO eighteen and delightful.

[Dane]’s going to me, ‘I’m gonna order a Porsche’ and I said, ‘don’t be daft, that’s not our money, we need to get this sorted‘…It’s as well he told us and didn’t go and blow it all. He’s only 18.

this is the exact expression i pictured.

The bank was quick to clear up the error, a spokesperson telling the same publication that the error occurred because young Dane appears to have accidentally keyed in a few too many zeros at the ATM when he was keying in the deets. It was noticed straight away and fixed up, and although the amount was showing on his balance cheques take a few days to clear so that money was never in his account.

Good thing he didn’t buy that Porsche, aye.