This NZ House Literally Just Sold Because There’s A KFC In Walking Distance

One real estate agent has taken the saying “The housing market is cooked” to a whole new, finger lickin’ level.

When a modest three-bedroom house in the New Zealand suburb of Mangere East laid unsold for 10 weeks, real estate agent Pat Lapalapa – nicknamed Salesman Pat – was brought in with an ingenious idea. With the permission of the vendors, he rejigged the adverts and For Sale sign to highlight the most important factor for any first home buyer: it’s proximity to the renown dirty bird dealers, KFC.

With the opening line “Walking distance to KFC” in place and bolded, the new ads went viral across New Zealand. They received multiple offers on the first day of the new campaign, and the house was sold just one week after Pat took the house’s advertising in a much more tasty direction.

Speaking with NZ Herald, Pat noted that not all of the responses to the ad were positive:

People that I didn’t know, complained about obesity and stuff. It wasn’t PC enough for them.

They were just random people in the community. I suppose you can’t blame KFC, it’s all in moderation really.

Despite this, he notes that in the end he was able to achieve what he set out to do: to sell the house at the vendor’s original asking price.

Once the house settled, he even got a tongue-in-cheek photo with the new owners, holding the signature fast food joint’s buckets.

Look, as someone who currently lives within walking distance to a KFC, I can say with full authority that Salesman Pat is on the money. It truly is the most important factor for anyone looking for a new home. Now if you don’t mind me, I’m off to get some chicken.

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