China’s Favourite New Social Media Challenge Is Like Planking For The 1%

China's Elite Flaunt Their Wealth In Bizarre New Social Media Trend

Bless weird social media trends and the stupid things people will do in the name of followers. I live for it. But frankly, ‘In My Feelings’ was getting very tired about a day into the challenge so thank goodness that crazy rich peeps out of China are embracing the ‘Flaunt Your Wealth’ aka Falling Stars challenge to, well, do just that.

In this one, people are dressing to the nines then pretending to fall down and spill all their very exxy items around them, just so you know they have more money than you.

It seems a Russian DJ is to blame for kicking off the trend when he posted a ‘Gram of himself back in July pretending to have fallen out of a private jet, which subsequently went viral on popular live streaming platforms TikTok and Weibo. Obviously, it was only a matter of time until the trend hit Instagram.

Since then, China’s elite have been making his post look like child’s play. One woman, only known by her last name Chen, literally stopped traffic in China’s eastern Zhejiang province when she spilled out over a pedestrian crossing so her friend could shoot a video for the challenge.

Have you guys ever been to China? There is no way in hell you’d get me stopping on those streets at all. Traffic is insane, I’m having post-event anxiety for her safety.

China's Elite Flaunt Their Wealth In Bizarre New Social Media Trend
Image: Weibo

Local police obviously felt the same way, slapping her with 150 yuan fine ($A30) and her friend with a 10 yuan ($A2). Although considering the luxe items she had on display were worth thousands, that probably didn’t matter to her much.

Others are less dangerous. but still pretty extreme.

I mean, what even is that? I MUST know how many times she flashed and /or fell into the ocean to get that one.

But as always, for me anyway, the true heroes are the ones turning the trends into a joke. Obviously pretty fed up with this being a trend exclusively for the ridiculously rich, ‘normies’ have been taking to the trend to show of their own, less expensive treasures.

There’s the fitness lovers of course:

And lots of people showcasing their work all over Weibo. Shout out to the tradies:

China's Elite Flaunt Their Wealth In Bizarre New Social Media Trend
Image: Weibo

But the ones who truly get me, are the gals flaunting their food. I may not recognise the brand names, but I know chocolate when I see it:

And I shall leave you with these girls because they just win everything for me: