Just A Reminder That Chasing Up Money In Your Group Chat Is The Worst

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Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Alright, who here has been personally hoodwinked by restaurants that don’t allow split bills? Literally everyone? Figures.

If you’ve ever been the one to foot the bill for your slack m8s, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the awkward follow-up in your group chat where you have to hassle everyone into coughing up the dough for their basic salad and coke. It’s the furthest thing from a pleasant experience but it’s also essential – otherwise you’d end up 100 bucks short every time you have dinner with your so-called chums.

Overall hilarious dude Alan Tsibulya summed it up better than we ever could in a vid that hits too close to home. If you watch it and don’t relate to any of it, you’re one of the lucky few to not have flimsy compadres.

To avoid the awkwardness of hunting down money you’re owed in group chat, follow these two simple rules:

Rule #1: Find better friends. Advertise on the internet if you have to.
Rule #2: If you’re stuck with your friends because their mum made you sign a contract back in primary school, create your PayID using your email address or mobile number. For on-the-spot payments, go to NAB, follow the steps and voila – no BSBs or account numbers to remember ever again.

See ya later, group chat confrontations.

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