No one enjoys rocking up to the airport with a solid couple of hours to spare before a flight, only to get stuck in customs/queue/airport purgatory hell and end up frantically sprinting to the gate, which happens to be 4,000km away. COOL. 

You know who really hate this process? Celebrities. Throw in 50 crazy paparazzi photogs and you can imagine the chaos they endure on their 700 flights a year. Yes, yes – it’s hard to feel bad for people who make an absolute bundle of money from being attractive/mildly talented at crying on cue. But have you ever seen footage of Kim K navigating her way through a horde of paps? It’s pretty nuts. 
Los Angeles International Airport has a solution for that, though. No longer do big-time names have to hoof it through to their first class seats alongside us regular plebs. Nope, they’ve got their own terminal now – aptly named ‘The Private Suite‘.
IRL pics are scarce at this point in time, but we’re pretty sure you can bank on Kylie Jenner throwing up a few selfies in there within a month. Til then, here’s some of those glorious ~artist impression~ pics from their official site.
Basically, it’s like a business lounge x 1000, complete with a fully stocked bar and snacks. The most important part, IMO.
Entry is (of course) via a private, gated-off zone, so all those secret celeb couples will definitely be rejoicing.
“It typically takes 2200 footsteps from car seat to plane seat,” the site states. “For members of The Private Suite, it’s 70 footsteps.

And they are all peaceful footsteps.”

Membership is a cool $10,000 a year, with a $3,600 service fee charge for per domestic flights of up to four people, $4,000 for international. But the benefits, guys – you can book pre-flight massages (lush), manicures, and hair/makeup at no additional cost. And for all the hypochondriacs out there, a concierge doctor is available on call, too.
Wish you had the kind of spare cash to throw at a service like this, so you could enjoy some ~peaceful footsteps~ and make good use of that pre-flight massage service? If you win our current comp c/o Set for Life, you’ll land $20k in your pocket – that’s enough for a two year membership. Or you could just use it for a lush holiday… Enter here:
Source: Fortune.
Image: The Private Suite.