There’s nothing quite as motivating as cleaning up your desk, is there. Well, except for a looming deadline in 12 hours. But in terms of personal motivation that isn’t connected to being absolutely piss-weak at time management, getting your surrounds in order is a surefire way to get your head in the game at work.

Remember when it was back to school time as a kid, and mum bought you all-new pens, pencils and notebooks? You can get that feeling back again as an adult, and it comes in the form of slick stationery that organises your life for you. We’ve rounded up some of our fave brands on market to go throw cash at.


Mi Goals is a Melbs based brand committed to minimalist organisational shit that still has a bit of a cheeky slant to it. Their ‘Get Shit Done’ notebooks and to-do lists are super popular – who doesn’t love such a to-the-point message like that, right?


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Paperways has a real wanderlust obsession – which is great if you’re constantly planning your next trip. They also make damn fine stationery, like these sticky weekly planners – write yours out then tack it onto your computer so you’re always ahead of schedule.


Daycraft focus on notebooks, but it’s their slab collection – a range of hard-covers that emulate materials like wood and metal, for example – that really caught our eye.


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Hands up if you wish you were Beck Wadworth, founder of An Organised Life – Beck’s eye for detail and minimalism has led to not only a super successful stationery biz, but a really popular blog and Instagram feed. Over-achiever, much?


Melbs-based Simple Form have a strong focus on homewares, but some of their organising tools are just bloody genius. The Daily Roller is our pick to pop on the wall next to your desk as a weekly to-do list – it’s chic, easy to use and will actually help organise your life, not add more stress to it.


Blacklist have long been known for their great wall art, and recently they made the foray into stationery with excellent results. They just know the stuff we need in our lives – like this any-year diary planner.


Papier D’Amour do everything from personalised cloth notebooks (you can get your initials embossed on the front), invitations and calendars – but it’s these quote pens we’re really obsessed with.


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If you like your writing things in full colour, these guys are your jam. The beautiful border prints and embossed notebooks are the things of the cute-obsessed person’s dreams.


How’s this for wild – Origin 68’s notebooks are made of stone. Actual stone. What does that feel like? According to the PED.TV writer who has actually touched one, it feels “colder than paper”. 


Here’s an insanely 2017 thing – a wooden dock for your iPhone. Since most of us keep our entire lives inside our phone, it makes total sense to have something on our desk to display the screen – and any/all important texts that come through. By important, I mean “that guy who hasn’t texted in 2 days”.