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Chances are if you’re a student – high school, university, or otherwise – you’re also poor AF. Sorry, praying for you and everything, but it’s probably true. 
One of the greatest lessons university life will teach is is the art of balancing the demands of academia with those of your fundamental human necessities like food and shelter and, more importantly, your social life.
Not only will three years of tertiary education heap upon you untold years of crippling debt in the future, it’ll also likely render you fiscally impoverished from the get-go thanks to bi-annual textbook updates and necessary ancillary purchases, like stationery. Which is where we come in.
We might not be able to shout you four new course readers every semester, but we’d love nothing more than to chip in and gift unto you an essentials trust fund in the form of a $500 gift voucher to spend with unbridled joy at Officeworks
All you need to do is create for us a stunning flat lay, tag us in on Twitter or Instagram and caption it #pedestriantv #getsetgofurther (that’s ‘get set go further’, ICYMI) for your chance to win five hunna dollars worth of practical blessings.*
Too easy. If it helps, you can find us on Twitter and Instagram here.
Go get flatlaid. 

*Terms and conditions apply. Email us if you’d like a #longread of those.