Here’s Some Weird, Useful And Downright Insane Items To Pimp Yo Pencil Case

Sometimes in life, you’ve just gotta go that extra mile. For a lot of people that might mean performing admirably at work or sticking to a tough diet, but what I actually mean is pimpin’ yo pencil case so that the weak and feeble faint when they see you strutting down the halls with some badass bling.

Without any further ado, here are some items that are either going to be incredibly useful to you or serve as a talking point for you to meet your future wife/husband.

Lego Notebooks

Sometimes all you need to do to cheer yourself up is touch something weird and brightly coloured. If you don’t have any goop on you, this lego notebook is EXTREMELY satisfying to both touch and look at. It’s extremely cute and anyone wandering past ya desk will be astounded by your choice in stationery products.

Desktop Foosball

What better way to disrupt your neighbours and piss off your teacher than to set up an annoyingly obnoxious game of desktop foosball? This bad boy comes with two cardboard cut-out goals, pencil players and an eraser football that also doubles as stationery! Seriously, you can use the kit as a normal pencil and eraser if your teacher walks past. Being irresponsible has never been so fun.

Trolley Stationery Holder

If you want to make yourself look like a homeless person who stores what little belongings they have in a trolley, then boy oh boy do I have the product for you! Chuck all your stationery in this v handy lil trolley (that can actually roll) and just wait for the weird looks to start pouring in. This is fantastic if you’re not keen on digging into your pencil case everytime you need or something, or if you’ve simply stopped giving a shit.

Laser Keyboard

Okay, this shit is seriously straight from the future. Cop one of these doo-hickeys and you’ll essentially have a keyboard and a mouse whether you so please. It charges via USB and has Bluetooth compatibility, meaning that all you have to do is pop it out and you’ll be able to do work anytime, anywhere. The future is incredible.


This one’s pretty…uh…different? Look I’ll level with you, I never knew I needed an earaser in my life until I saw one. Also, I feel like I’ve got to buy 10 cases just because of the pun alone. I mean, you could also use it as the centrepiece of some pretty hilarious ear-related pranks… but don’t say I told ya so.