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Well, fuck me. This just sounds like a damn good time waiting to happen. The good folks over at Surf Dive ‘n Ski, Burleigh Brewing and Hard Fizz (ya know, absolute lord Fisher’s seltzer brand?!) are giving you a shot at winning the ultimate house party worth over $20k!


Yep, you and 100 of your nearest and bloody dearest could be tearing up a dance floor, swilling drinks, looking fresh as fuck and making sweet, sweet memories for free — and all you have to do is tell the good folks who your ultimate party guest would be in 25 words or less to go in the entry to win.

Off the top of our heads, we can think of a few absolute lords we’d like to party with, including Fisher himself, Ned Brockman (that man deserves a boogie), Lizzo, Harry Styles, Danny Ricciardo, Taika Watiti, Kylie Minogue, hell, even Johnno from down the road… Look our point is you can pick absolutely anyone, so go your hardest!

So what exactly does a $20k+ party consists of, we hear you ask? Well, apaz there will be live performances from The Terrys and Hard Fizz DJs (make an appearance Fisher, we dare ya!), a pop-up bar from Burleigh Brewing and Hard Fizz, a swish wardrobe from Surf Dive ‘n Ski valued over $2,000, slick party photography and video covering the whole night, plus a whole bunch of shit like seccies, food and more.

If you’re still here, respectfully, what are you doing? Think of the ultimate house party guest, whip up your entry, and head here to enter.

Note: You must be 18+ to enter. 

Image: Bad Neighbours