We’re Giving You The Chance To Win $20K In Cash, Just FYI

So. You’re living a pretty comfy life with a gr9 job, good pay etc. But sometimes a guy/gal just wants the kind of cash that lets them take any kind of o/s trip they want, or say “yes, I will buy those designer sneaks even though they are $700 and it simply ain’t no thang”. 
Well, friends. Do we have a comp for you. Hooooo boy. See, we’ve partnered up with Set For Life and are giving away a big, giant lump of cold, hard cash. Yup, you’ve got the chance to win y’self a sweet lump sum of $20k to spend on whatever you damn want. A giant, insane superyacht party with your mates, maybe?
Orrrrr just get it out at the bank as notes so you can live this Beyonce fantasy?
Maybe you want to island hop at only the lushest of destinations….
Whatever guys. Tbh we’re kind of jealous since we totally can’t enter. So you’d be nuts not to. Get going with your entry right here:
Image: Getty.