Le Creuset Just Dropped A Star Wars Collection For Cooking With A Dash Of The Force

Star Wars

So I like Star Wars, but I’m not deeply obsessed with Star Wars. What’s the name of a Star Wars fan? A Starrie? A Warsie? IDK you’ve got Trekkies for Star Trek, you guys need a NAME!

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Anyway, it doesn’t matter. What DOES matter, especially to you guys, is that Le Creuset – the cookware brand known for their phenomenal pots and dishes – have collaborated with Star Wars on some seriously cute stuff.

Can you even handle that? It’s a mini Han Solo encased in carbonite! But it’ll also cook a casserole for you!

That one will set you back a cool $699, which is A LOT I know. But Le Creuset is known for their high quality, it wouldn’t be a waste of cash if you love to cook IMO.

There’s also a Darth Vader round casserole dish for $599 if you’re in the market for the most cult of Le Creuset products.

Some cute Mini Cocotte pots that are a more affordable $149 for the set of 3 – Christmas pressie, maybe?

Even more affordable are their two silicone Trivets, designed to look like the Death Star and Millennium Falcon. They’re just $29 each.

Star Wars

But my personal favourite, and least likely to be bought by me, is this Tatooine Round Casserole. It’s $1,399 and there are only 9 being made in the world, with only one available in Australia.

Star Wars


It’s all available from the 1st November on www.lecreuset.com.au and Le Creuset stores across Australia and NZ.