The Schitt’s Creek Mansion Is Up For Sale If You’ve Got $15 Million & Want A Little Stickybeak

It turns out the Rose family once lived in Toronto. Or at least, that’s where the opening scenes of Schitt‘s Creek were filmed. That mansion has now been put up for sale for a measly AU$15.2 million, meaning we can finally have a stickybeak at what’s inside.

La Belle Maison, as the property’s known, has 12 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. Each is extensively decked out with only the finest and most ostentatious finishes money can buy. Think Versailles meets Vegas.

Take a look, y’all:

It’s like someone built a palace in The Sims 2. (HomeLife/Vision Realty)

First things first. Get a load of that hallway.

If you’re not blinded by all that marble, you may just notice those semi-naked angels on the ceiling.

Nothing screams tacky like a bunch of nine-year-old imitation Catholic frescoes.

Stair railings ideal for sliding down at midnight and yelling “bon soir, bitches”. (HomeLife/Vision Realty)

Adding to the hodgepodge of historical architecture are the 17th century French-inspired balustrades, which is the real estate agent’s words, not ours. However the same could be said for the whole exterior of the house in general.

On top of that are both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna, a wine cellar, a banquet hall, a heated driveway and even a virtual golf simulator. The Rose family clearly wanted for nothing.

The banquet hall looks like the world’s loneliest yum cha restaurant. (HomeLife/Vision Realty)

But all of this is overshadowed by what has to be the saddest-looking home cinema ever. I say this as someone who owns a second-hand tv that permanently displays a line down the middle from being dropped in a past life.

Love to kick back with five of my closest business associates/aristocratic peers in our six-seat private cinema.

Reminder: this was only built in 2012, not 2002.

The perfect spot to re-watch Schitt’s Creek. (HomeLife/Vision Realty)

All things considered, the mansion is a relative steal – just over two years ago it was listed for AU $22.1 million.

You can have a squiz at the current listing (with even more wild pics) here.