People Are Naming Their Pets & Kids After Schitt’s Creek, Which Is Very Wholesome Content

Schitt's Creek, Pet Names, Baby Names

There wasn’t much to do over the long lockdown other than sitting at home catching up on Netflix, and now it appears we’re seeing the results of that, with reports that some of the most popular pet and baby names for this year are inspired by Schitt’s Creek.

Per reports in the Sydney Morning Herald, this year, the UK has seen a rise in the names David and Alexis, presumably in honour of the bickering siblings on the show. A brother and sister with those names would be a hell of a mood – someone get on that please.

It’s not just baby names either – pet adoptions rose during the pandemic, with people seeking furry friends to keep them company, and Canada’s CBC News says that David and Alexis both gained popularity, while Twyla had the biggest bump of all.

Here in Australia, it seems that the uncertainty of the COVID era has inspired many people to opt for old-fashioned names. Arthur, Theo, Harvey, Leo, Hugo and George are on the rise for boys, while Madeline, Luna, Willow, Violet, Audrey and Sofia are popular for girls.

Meanwhile, in the US, Autumn, Esme and Ruby were the most popular names for girls in 2020, while boys saw a reassurance of Samuel, Arthur and Gideon.