All Hail Interior Queens: Lounge Lovers Is Slinging 60% Off Boucle Chairs & Velvet Bed Heads RN

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If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am a fully-fledged Pinterest whore. I’ve spent many an afternoon neatly packaging my entire life down into a million and one differently themed boards.

The board that gives me the most solace, though? My home interior one. Filled with designs, furniture and decor that I’d love to fill my present and future homes with, this board is my virtual shopping wish list, if you will. If you share these Pinterest addict ways, you’ll wanna cop a load of Lounge Lovers’ up to 60% off stocktake sale because now’s your chance to make some of your inspo pics a reality for less.

With a personal style that boasts both minimalisms with a quirky and fun touch, I’ve gone in and picked everything from this sale that matches my dream home interior, and if you’re picking up what I’m throwing, perhaps it’s worth a cheeky squiz for yourself — you know you want to!

Please note: all discounts will be applied at the checkout. 

My top picks from Lounge Lovers’ stocktake sale

Exton Nest of 3 Coffee Table

Exton Nest of 3 Coffee Table, $299 (usually $699)

First and foremost, things that look slay and offer functional value are the way to my heart. This three-in-one coffee table stack covers both of those bases and at a fkn amazing price point. You’re welcome.

Christina Accent Chair

Christina Accent Chair, $299 (usually $599)

Coming in hot at 50% off, this accent chair comes in four different colours, including this magnificent yellow, boucle ivory, olive and a blush pink, which means you’re set for whatever aesthetic you plan to make your home.

Jaque Terrazzo Stool Side Table

Jaque Terrazzo Stool Side Table, $199 (usually $249)

Look at the gorgeous curvature on this lil’ side table! From its unique design to the minimalist terrazzo stone, it’s getting a permanent spot in my bedroom pronto.

Hayman Coffee Table

Hayman Coffee Table, $149 (usually $399)

There’s no better time to replace that crusty, old coffee table that the kids have drawn all over and you’ve spilled one too many coffees on. Trust me.

Sia Side Table

Lounge lovers, lounge lovers furniture

Sia Side Table, $499 (usually $599)

Quirky and fun, but still very lowkey and versatile throughout the seasons. This side table has my big fat tick of approval.

Oliver Armchair

Oliver Armchair, $599 (usually $799)

I dream of having a sunroom or a little corner of my house dedicated to getting lost in a good book while I bask in the warm sunlight. This chair, nestled among a bunch of plants, cushions and a bookshelf, is precisely what I have in mind — chef’s kiss.

Harmony Queen Bed Head

Lounge lovers, lounge lovers furniture

Harmony Queen Bed Head, $199 (usually $299)

If you’ve seen Flex Mami’s Sweet Digs episode on Refinery29 Australia, you’ll see her house is brimming with fun, colourful pieces that somehow still work together to elevate the space. I imagine this velvety, statement bed head will do just that in any bedroom.

Coco Accent Chair

Coco Accent Chair, $899 (usually $999)

‘Tis the season for boucle, bitches. And yes, I am obsessed with this trend because it feels timeless and minimalist enough to last a lifetime. Thank me later.

Manhattan Chest Of Drawers

Lounge lovers, lounge lovers furniture

Manhattan Chest Of Drawers, $1,799 (usually $2,299)

That gorgeous green bedhead, this chest of drawers, a cool lamp and a couple of arty posters placed around — I’m in fucking heaven, y’all.

Macaroon Ottoman

Macaroon Ottoman, $249 (usually $349)

This one offers the same concept as the bed head — it’s quirky and cool and will give any room a nice lil’ pop of colour. Think of a combo with pink or navy hues.

Fraser PU Dining Chair

Lounge lovers, lounge lovers furniture

Fraser PU Dining Chair, $99 (usually $229)

These beautiful chairs are simple but still scream, “I’ve got character”,  so if you’re thinking of investing in pieces for the long term (which is what you should really be thinking about for all these items), they’ll definitely be versatile enough to become staples that transcend throughout all the different eras of your life.

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