Koala Is Doing A Limited Edition Pet Bed For Yr Four-Legged Kids Who Love To Hog The Mattress

koala pet bed furbaby limited edition

The boxed mattress kings over at Koala have finally listened to us plebs and given us the gift of more space in the bed. Not by expanding its range to include a Californian King or anything of that nature: Koala has gone and created a limited edition pet bed. Ergo, more space for humans in the human bed, because now the bed hogging dog can have its own lil’ mattress to snooze on.

Enter the Furbaby, Koala’s first-ever pet bed in a box. A pure brain genius move, this.

It might not be the camping range that I’ve personally asked Koala to create, but it’s pretty much the next best thing.

There’s no doubt in my silly little brain that those of us with furry friends have gone above and beyond for our multi-legged mates throughout lockdown, including letting them on the bed as a special treat (or maybe just letting them stay on there all bloody day). Considering pets sleep so much more than we do, the lucky jerks, who says they can’t snooze in the same softness?

That coveted Koala mattress is really bloody comfy, so the fact that we can now buy a tiny version of our bed for them alone so we don’t have to give up and schlep it to the couch at 2am is already selling itself to me.

Plus it’s small enough that you can move it around the house, which is much easier than lugging a human-sized mattress into the lounge room — which I’m more than sure some of you have done for your pets before.

koala furbaby pet bed limited edition

Look at it! It’s so cute! It’s made from a foam inner similar to the OG Koala mattress, with a fully removable and washable cover that’s made from the brand’s human-quality upholstery, so it’ll match all the other Koala stuff in your house, too.

Koala’s Furbaby bed is a super limited edition range with only 120 of them going up on sale on the Koala website on December 13. It’ll set you back $250 a pop, but nothing’s too expensive for your precious fur baby, right? Right.