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If your friends often mistake your bedroom for a crack den, it might be time to tackle it head on and spruce it up a bit. You know, so it doesn’t feel like you’re squatting in your own room.

It’s never too late to give your sleeping quarters a bit of a cheeky makeover, and we’re starting you off nice and easy with a few easy steps. (A bonus step from yours truly would be to remove any mouldy dishes or wet towels immediately – the only life form in your room should be human and/or dogs.)

shiba inu dog GIF

Interior designer and Billy Blue graduate Lisa Ulfrengen has five bang-on pointers for you to give your room a facelift, and because they’re tips that are accessible to anyone, even the laziest of us can follow along.

Have a peek at Lisa’s hot take below:

You hear that hoarders? Keep things minimal. If you have to wade through old newspapers to get to your bed, you’ve hit critical levels.

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