A FB Mum Shared Her Clever Fitted Sheet Hack & I Swear To God It’s Actual Fkn Witchcraft

Sometimes you learn a little thing about life and how to do it somewhat successfully, and it makes you sit back and think about how you’ve managed to go this long without knowing something so painfully simple. That moment for me today involves a hack for the big bitch of the linen cupboard; the fitted sheet.

As reported by News.com.au, a mum on Facebook (their natural habitat, at this point) brought an important yet alarmingly easy fitted sheet hack it to the attention of fellow mums in the private group Mums Who Clean. A pure and perfect place for this kind of sage wisdom, which is now being shared down the online generations like a treasured heirloom.

The woman, who asked people not to laugh at her for her blissful ignorance, said that she only just discovered that the tag on fitted sheets is actually a directive of how to put it on right the first go.

“How many of you knew that when putting on bedding, (fitted sheets/top sheets) the label always goes top left or bottom right?” she wrote.

“The times I’ve started stretching the sheet across my king size bed to have to take it off and turn it to the next corner!”


My God.

So no longer do I have to be out here trying to put my sheets on in one fell swoop like some kind of idiot, like this.

And no longer will I spend an embarrassing amount of time trying to put my fitted sheet on, realising I’m trying to stretch the head or feet of the sheets across the longer length of the bed and fully cooking the elastic.

No, my friends, the genius is in that little tag that also tells you the best way to wash your sheets (which you should also be doing on the reg, thank you) is the key to making you look like you know how to expertly put together a bed in record time.

fitted sheet hackYOU. IT WAS YOU ALL ALONG. [Image: Courtney Fry]

Now look, know this isn’t a brand new hack and I’m sure there’s plenty of you sitting there saying “well DER” but being abe to add this little fitted sheet hack to my other knowledge of how to fold a fitted sheet makes me feel like I’m the king of my own bedroom domain. No sheet will best me ever again.

So go forth in good confidence that you, too, now know the secrets of making your bed without throwing a full tizzy.