This Tiny Tubular Concrete Apartment Is The Stuff Of Pipe Dreams

Opod Hong Kong Concrete Pipe House

Hong Kong, with a population of over 7 million, is quite the bustling metropolis, and like with many densely populated cities there is somewhat of a housing shortage going on. But if you can’t find an apartment to rent, you can always move into a concrete pipe. No, really.

Architect James Law has tackled the accomodation situation by designing tiny houses that fit neatly into disused concrete pipes, which Law reckons have the potential to be a v. good solution to space issues in Hong Kong.


He tells Curbed that the OPods literally fill a gap in the housing market.

Sometimes there’s some land left over between buildings which are rather narrow so it’s not easy to build a new building.We could put some OPods in there and utilise that land.

The apartments feature a bench that turns into a bed, shelving, a mini fridge, a microwave, a toilet and a shower.


There’s also an aircon because let’s face it, a smol concrete house has the makings of being hot as Hades.

Each pipe weighs 22 tonnes, and can theoretically be stacked on top of one other without the need for reinforcements, which as Law points out, will keep construction costs way down.


I just wanna know how you’d get up to the top floor if you lived there. Are you supposed to just… scale up the face of everyone’s private homes?

Hmm, guess that works. You can see more pics of the Opods right HERE.