Hansel And Gret-The-Hell To This Life-Sized Gingerbread House In Austin

When it comes to Christmassy sweets you must consume in disgraceful quantities come December 25, the list is enormous.

Eggnog, mince pies, pavlova and pudding are all much-loved, Grinch-silencing sweets.

But of course, nothing is quite as quintessentially Christmas as a gingerbread house. It smells warm and inviting! It’s decorated with musk sticks and wafers and candy canes! It’s a teeny tiny little house, for crying out loud!

The folks at a restaurant called Stella San Jac in Austin, Texas are serious about gingerbread… So much so that they’ve cooked up a got dang life-sized gingerbread house:

The breathtaking culinary creation isn’t just for show, either. You can book in and have a meal inside the house with 7 of your mates.

Made entirely from candy, the house will be on display for the entire month of December. What’s even sweeter is that they’ll be donating 10% of all food and beverages sales from the gingerbread reservations to an Austin charity that helps homeless folk find their feet.

And if that doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, god knows what will.

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