Travel Nightmares: Hong Kong Edition As All Flights Out Are Cancelled Amid Protests

Your worst travel nightmare has become a reality for travellers in Hong Kong today, with massive protests causing the airport to cancel all flights.

Yep. Every. Single. One.


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Huge democracy protests wreaked havoc on the airport, which is one of the busiest in the world. Today is the fourth day of the major protests, which have caused mass congestion in the airport and surrounding areas.

“Other than departure flights that have completed the check-in process and the arrival flights already heading to Hong Kong all other flights have been cancelled for the rest of today,” authorities said, according to The Guardian.

Australian consular officials have been sent to the Hong Kong Airport to assist any stranded Australian passengers during this hectic time.

Many of the demonstrators are protesting the police brutality shown recently, with tear gas and rubber bullets at close range being used on Sunday. 45 people have been hospitalised so far, including n 8-year-old child.

This weekend was the 10th weekend in a row that demonstrators have protested a proposed new bill that would allow extradition to mainland China from Hong Kong.

So far, more than 160 outbound flights have been cancelled, with more expected to continue if the protests don’t cease soon.

“Airport operations at Hong Kong International Airport have been seriously disrupted as a result of the public assembly at the airport today,” a statement from the airport read.

75 million travellers pass through Hong Kong International Airport annually. Here’s hoping a resolution can be reached soon because the thought of being stuck in a foreign airport during democracy protests sounds absolutely terrifying.