Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Stole Tiny House, Drove It From ACT To QLD

WELP. This is one for the weird books. A massive nationwide search for a missing Tiny House has resulted in the arrest of a man on allegations he stole the miniature mobile home in Canberra and drove it some 1,400-odd kilometres all the way up to Hervey Bay in Queensland.

QLD Police seized the trailer-mounted prototype tiny house, valued at roughly $20,000, and charged a man – believed to be from Canberra – with bringing stolen goods into the state.

The home was nicked from Julie Bray‘s business in Mitchell on Sunday night, with police in the area notified after the sound of an angle grinder being used on the trailer’s wheel clamp was heard. But by the time ACT Police arrived on the scene, the home was gone.

Bray took to social media in an attempt to track down the home, and within hours reports of the home being spotted in rural Queensland started flooding in.

On Wednesday, Bray received word that the home had been spotted in Hervey Bay, a full 1,416km from its original starting point.

The Tiny Home is a prototype model that, when finished, will carry a price tag of somewhere in the vicinity of $30,000.

The initial post Bray made on Facebook was shared some 400 times. Speaking to ABC News, Bray remarked with astonishment at how Facebook was able to help track the home down.

I’m certainly very happy it has been found, as on Monday afternoon I was in despair because I thought I’d never get it back. I was astounded

The guy that spotted it in Kingaroy was able to describe to me aspects of it that aren’t even in the photo. Whenever I post something about a major crisis in the world I get no response, and then something that is a bit of a crisis for me that is not nearly as bad, goes crazy.

The unidentified man is now scheduled to face Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on October 5th.