This Custom Esky Will Keep A Whole Slab Cool For Hours & Stop Ya From Sinkin’ Tepid Tinnies

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All my Aussies will know that summer is our unofficial slay era. The winter flop returns to its hiding place, the rooftop bevvies come out to play and our ‘kinis get a permanent spot hanging by the pool. Pure bliss.

If I had to play devil’s advocate and be nit-picky though, the only downside to this iconic time is trying to keep your slabs of beer and wine cold on an absolute scorcher of a day (no one likes drinking beers the temperature of bath water) — especially when you’re at the beach or mid-backyard sesh barbie.

That’s where Aussie cooler brand Beysis might be able to sort ya out. Straying from its usual beat — drink bottles, eco-friendly tumblers, perfume, candles and more — the brand has just dropped an iconic cooler made for Aussies, by Aussies. Now, I know the whole concept of an esky already exists, but have you ever seen one that slays this hard?! Like c’mon.

beysis, summer

Personalised Cooler 20L, $219

With a super durable exterior that comes in three limited-edition colours – blush pink, navy and sage — and a minimalist finish that includes being able to personalise your icebox with initials, names or even custom text for free, this esky shits on that tattered BCF number you bought eight years ago with half a wheel left by a long shot.

I know aesthetics doesn’t always speak to quality, but in Beysis’ case, it does. This bad boy alone boasts a durable metal casing and double insulation meaning your drinks will stay ice-cold for up to 12 hours. It also comes in a handy 13L or 20L size, with the latter being able to compactly fit six (!!!) bottles of wine or a whole slab (!!!) of cans inside. You won’t have to worry about packing a bottle opener either because there’s one built right in. Legendary, amirite?

For all my baddies going to Pitch next month – if you do ONE thing in prep for it, let it be buying this. From storing sustenance (aka your food for three days) to keeping your bevvies (obviously the non-alcoholic ones, duh) cool for consumption — it’s a solid investment.

Check out the brand’s full range of coolers here. To celebrate the launch of this iconic summer essential, Beysis is also offering the first 100 customers a free 1L water bottle valued at $58.90 with every ice box, so do with that information what you will, besties.

Happy shopping!