If You Hate Drinking Water, These Sugar-Free Flavour Cubes Might Have Ya Guzzling The Stuff

waterdrop flavour water cubes
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Unless you’re one of those people with an emotional support bottle permanently attached to their hand, you’re probably lucky to drink a glass or two of water daily. And you’re not alone, there are heaps of folks for whom a big ol’ glass of tasteless liquidy H2O does absolutely nothing for. Hence, companies like Waterdrop are making it their mission to help you drink more water.

If you’ve never heard of Waterdrop, allow us to introduce you to the liquid lovers. Waterdrop uses little cubes made of fruit and plant extracts to instantly flavour your water, making it more fun (and palatable) if you’re someone who struggles to drink the wet stuff. We know what you’re thinking, I bet that little flava cube is loaded with sugar. Well, you thought wrong, my friend.

Waterdrop’s hydration cubes are completely sugar and artificial preservative-free, and surprisingly loaded with vitamins, so you’re getting more of the good stuff with every gulp. All you’ve got to do is drop a little cube into 400 to 600ml of water – still or sparkling, dealer’s choice – and give it a little stir until it’s all dissolved.

From the looks of things, there are around eight different microdrink flavours to choose from, Ice Tea Lemon (green tea + lemon), Boost (blackcurrant + elderberry + acai), Love (pomegranate + goji berry + acerola), Focus (lime + green coffee + lemon leaf), Vibe (physalis + rosemary + peppermint), Ice Tea Peach (black tea + peach), Ice Tea Blueberry (white tea + blueberry), Sky (pineberry + passion fruit + cactus fruit), and Glow (mango + cactus fruit + apricot).

Waterdrop also has a sports range where the cubes are loaded with electrolytes and an energy drink range that contains natural caffeine.

By choosing Waterdrop, you’re also helping the planet by reducing single-use plastic wastage. You save 98 per cent of plastic and CO2 compared to drinks in 500ml plastic bottles, all thanks to the brand’s minimal packaging.

Plus, for every 12-pack sold, Waterdrop collects one plastic bottle from the environment in partnership with Plastic Bank. This might not sound like much, but it all adds up. Each Waterdrop is sealed with a wafer-thin layer of plastic to protect the natural fruit and plant extracts within, and these can also be recycled, which is cute.

Anywhoooo, if you’re interested in trying the good drop, you can explore the full range of flavours here.

Image: Waterdrop