5 Ways To Treat Yourself For Less Than $10 If Your Self-Care Routine Needs A Serious Zhuzh

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Okay, mates, it’s time for a vibe check. How has the last year of your life been? Whether you’re still trying to find balance or you are feeling settled and stable, adding a few small improvements to your daily self-care routine could make a world of difference. And wouldn’t it be nice to see out the rest of the year feeling genuinely good?

Try one of these quick, simple and budget-friendly ideas to bring some fresh energy to your day-to-day, and keep you feeling your very best. Even the most optimised routine could use a refresh!

Tetley Cold Infusions, $3 for a pack of 14


Because you’re probably (ahem, definitely) not drinking enough water, put a refreshing twist on your regular glass of H2O with Tetley’s Cold Infusions tea bags. This tea is made specifically to be brewed in cold water – so you can pop one of these fruity, pyramid-shaped bags straight into a glass or jug of water, add some ice cubes, and mix her up for a naturally delicious way to hydrate and self-care.

Cold Infusions come in five very summery flavours – our picks are the strawberry watermelon and mint cucumber– and are caffeine-free, with no added sugars, sweeteners, artificial flavourings or colourings. Brew for five to seven minutes and throw in a few ice cubes for a cold drink on a hot, summer’s day.

Available from all good supermarkets, you can grab a box of 14 tea bags for $3, and because variety is the spice of life, we suggest you try both because how are you supposed to find your favourite unless you try every flavour?

Go-To Transformazing Sheet Mask, $9


We’ll always advocate for you taking a minute to pop on a face mask, pour yourself a cuppa, and put your feet up as a form of self-care. Thankfully, one of our writers has tried all of the sheet masks (seriously, more than 30), and this is the one she swears by. Once this mask is done with your face, you’ll feel plump, luminous, and you’ll even look like you got a full eight hours of sleep last night.

Install a ‘Screen Time’ App, $0


Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference. So if you really want to make the most of each and every day this summer, you need to monitor and limit your screen time (if you’re not already). We won’t lie, it’s pretty bloody alarming when you first see how much time you spend staring into a screen, but you’ll get better over time, promise.

For iPhone users, the built-in Screen Time feature makes it easy to set up time limits and warnings. But even if you’re not an Apple user, there are lots of great, universal apps that will help you break your smartphone habit for free.

The reward: improved sleep, a more present state of mind, and less time lost in the scroll! Win-win-win.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face & Body Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF50, $9.99

Wear sunscreen every day – that’s it, that’s the whole tip! It’s the one piece of skincare advice that applies to every skin type, every season, and the only true beauty must-have.
And while the best SPF is the one that you’ll wear, great formulations don’t have to be expensive.

The iconic Ultra Sheer Face & Body range by Neutrogena is oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores, and dries to a beautiful matte texture that won’t leave you feeling like a greaseball.

Best of all, it will only cost you $10 from Chemist Warehouse.

Mini Massage Ball, $2 from Kmart

Strappy heels, slides and even your summer staple, thongs, can be damaging to your feet. If you’ve spent most of the last year working barefoot from home, it’s time to start paying your tootsies some attention.

Investing in a small, spiky massage ball for daily foot massage has surprising benefits, from helping to strengthen ankle and foot muscles, reducing pain from flat feet, and improving circulation. They’re a simple, affordable self-care hack – your podiatrist will thank you!