These Nasty TikToks Reveal What Could Be Festering Within Your Emotional Support Water Bottle

water bottles dirty clean

Calling all emotional support water bottle girlies: you might want to clean out your bottle immediately. For all you know, there’s a tiny little colony of bacteria and mould growing all over your gorgeous little water sipper.

A bunch of water bottle girlies have posted TikToks about their shock when they discovered the straws on their aesthetic bottles have become disgusting over time.

It’s a no-brainer that if you have an emotional support water bottle, you’ve got to clean it often so you aren’t sipping mould juice all day. However, not all bottles have plastic straw parts to them, which can be finicky to clean.

Please, I’m begging, if you’re the owner of a water bottle with a plastic straw part, clean it up ASAP.

You can watch what happens when you don’t in the TikTok below.

Be warned, the following video is not for the faint of heart. I would not be sipping on water while watching this.


It may have been weeks/months since i’ve given it a good clean. 🫣 #frankgreen

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“Girlies please wash your water bottle, even if it’s just water, things you eat and bacteria go in the water bottle,” wrote one commenter.

“I had to use four earbuds because they were coming out covered in black stuff every time I put it inside the straw,” wrote another.

I feel sick. As someone who only ever consumes liquid out of their bestie of a bottle, I’m going to be SCRUBBING that sucker to death tonight.


Don’t be a refiller and straw washer like me & WASH your bottles REGULARLY!!!!! #frankgreenbottle #fyp #foryou #awareness #mould #sendhelp

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A representative for Frank Green, one of the most popular water bottle brands out right now, told Kidspot the best way that folks can clean out their bottles.

“As with any food or drinking products, we advise our customers regularly clean their frank green products,” they said.

“For an easy clean, customers can pop the lid on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

“For a more thorough clean, we recommend soaking the lid overnight in warm water with a dash of bi-carb soda and vinegar and then using a straw cleaning brush to clean inside the premium, food-grade stainless steel straw.”

Okay, great. Now that we all know how to clean our bottles, I do not want to see a video of someone pulling a tar-black earbud out of their Frank Greenussy ever again.

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