The Research Is In & Men Are Far More Likely To Shitpost From The Shitter

If you’re a bloke and you’re reading this, there’s a fair chance you’re doing so while sitting on the shitter.
According to a new study into the news-reading habits of Aussies, men are significantly more likely than women to get their news fix while perched upon the porcelain throne. 
The University of Canberra and the University of Oxford surveyed more than 2,000 ‘Strayans about how they cop their news fix, and published the findings in The Digital News Report: Australia 2017.
The most alarming result? The number of men who used their phones while on the toilet was greater than the number of women who used their mobile phones at work. That’s some serious hemorrhoids material, boys.
The study uncovered more than just our bathroom phone use. It also revealed that Australians have an active dislike for news, with 56% of respondents saying they go out of their way to avoid it. 
Women were more likely to avoid news, particularly if the content was upsetting or disturbing. Getting into an argument or getting distracted was the main reason some men avoided the news.
40% of young Aussies between 18 and 24 said social media was the main place they get their news (why hello and welcome). 58% of Facebook users surveyed stumbled across news when they were scrolling for other reasons (presumably to find memes).
Lastly, the report found that even in the era of paranoia about “fake news”, respondents’ trust in the media hasn’t changed in the past 12 months.
Source: ABC.
Photo: The Big Lebowski.