How To Order Takeaway If You’re Not On Speaking Terms With The Oven But Still Wanna Be Healthy


It’s safe to say that everyone needs a break from the stove every once in a while, and we shouldn’t feel bad about dabbling in a cheeky takeaway every so often. Especially because you can essentially order whatever the heck you like and you barely have to get your cushions off the couch.

If you still want to stay relatively healthy though, we have a few ideas of how to order takeaway so you’re not overcome with post-takeaway guilt.

Opt for healthy alternatives

The easiest way to fill your tummy while staying on the healthy-and-narrow is to opt for a lighter option when perusing the menu. Anything like a poke bowl, chicken burrito bowls, grilled salmon etc – as long as you add plenty of protein, healthy carbs and fats and it tastes good, you’ll still feel satiated afterwards.

Including a variety of colourful veg in your takeout meal is important as well. Ordering a side of steamed veggies (steamed broccoli with a sprinkling of sesame is the GOAT side, no one can tell me otherwise), a salad or even swapping a normal potato for sweet potato to ensure you get that essential complex carb and fibre hit, is a great way to incorporate dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals into your meal.

If possible, try and avoid crumbed or fried options of foods too, and instead opt for grilled, steamed or baked proteins and carbs where possible. Swapping for options like brown rice, beans or glass noodles rather than your regular sugary white breads and rice could also be a great way to provide your body with fibrey goodness and fuel you for longer. Be mindful of your sauces and dressings too, and ordering them on the side where possible will give you the option to portion them out over your meal as well.

Don’t deprive yourself of cravings

A common slip-up people have is that if they’re craving, say, a pizza, and instead they order a piece of poached tuna, they’ll likely still be craving a pizza afterwards and will look to other (usually unhealthy food) to scratch that itch.

Instead of ignoring cravings altogether, try opting for a healthier alternative: order the pizza with leaner protein, request they go light on the cheese, even order more veggie toppings or a salad on the side.

Another little hack is to only eat a few slices, so then you’ll have leftovers to tuck into the next day, too.

Choose water for your beverage

(Mostly) everyone should be drinking more water, so why not take this opportunity to add a glass-or-two to your daily intake, or order water as your drink option.

It’s a win-win, really: you avoid drinks that are crammed with more sugar than a chocolate factory, plus you’ll feel hydrated and fuller.

Plus, water is just a good time. Ever stuck your head under the tap at 3am? The best feeling in the bloody world.

If you’re one of those folks who struggles to get their daily hit of water, head here to get some tips on increasing your H20 intake. Your body will thank you.

Portion control, people

A lot of the time, restaurants usually have deals that mean the more you buy, the more you’ll save.

While this is indeed money-savvy, people like myself might struggle to just…not devour a family meal in one sitting. So before you get stuck in, you could divvy the meal up into portions and pop what you don’t want to eat straight in the fridge.

Out of sight, out of mind…usually, and you get to enjoy your leftovers the next day.

Choose a restaurant close to you

Alright, hear me out. Order your food from a restaurant quite close to your place and then walk to go and pick it up. You’ll save some dollars on delivery and you’ll pump up that step count.

You’ll also feel like you’ve earnt the food more if you put in a little work for it. The other upside is you could bump into the love of your life on your stroll and live happily ever after.


If, after reading this, you want to learn more about healthier eating across the board (including out at restaurants and home cooking),  visit Queensland Health’s Dump the Junk website for tips and info to help get you started.