Here’s A Bunch Of Bougie Places Doing Takeaway So You Can Have Date Night At Home

With all restaurants, cafés and other eateries turning into takeaway and delivery only to come in line with the national coronavirus shutdown, it’s really put a spin on how we spend time together over something that bonds us all – food. But just because we have to stay home and socially distance doesn’t mean we can’t be social, and it doesn’t mean we can’t spoil ourselves to a bougie dinner or cheese platter sometimes. So here’s a bunch of our fave fancy kitchens doing takeaway and deliveries so you can have that date night / special snacc at home or through Skype.

Kitchens Offering Fancy Takeaway Because You Deserve It, Sis

Chin Chin

We’ve definitely already screamed at you about this, but Chin Chin in both Sydney and Melbourne are doing takeaway for the first time ever. Suss out your city’s menu, and place your orders from 4pm for Sydney here and Melbourne over here.

Salt Meats Cheese

For a bit of comfort food that sits just like how Nonna makes it, Salt Meats Cheese is doing takeaway from all its stores over Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Peep your local on Deliveroo and Uber Eats, or give your local kitchen a call.

Two Providores

The supplier that keeps the fridges full at places like SagaQuay and Firedoor is doing public deliveries for the first time. So head on over to Two Providores’ website, drool over everything, and spend too much of your week’s pay on cheese or like 80 croissants.

Icebergs Bondi

Bondi Beach might be closed but the iconic institution on the cliffside is still going. Available for fancy takeaway between 6-9.30pm seven days a week, give the restaurant a buzz on (02) 9365 9000 to place your order for pick-up.

D.O.C Pizza

You can cop a piping hot pizzy to take home from D.O.C’s full menu, any time between midday and 10.30pm. Hooly dooly that’s dangerous. Peep the full menu online and give your local Sydney or Melb kitchen a buzz to place your pick-up order.


The Enmore Rd kitchen behind that adorable lilac and pink beauty parlous façade has also pivoted to fancy Turkish takeaway and home delivery, with a bunch of meze and woodgrill deliciousness. Check out their Instagram for daily menus and offerings, and hit up their new website or give ’em a bell on (03) 8624 3132.


Get drooling already over Redfern’s fancy comfort food takeaway, which could feed one or two – depending on how good you are at sharing. Check out the offerings from there and sister kitchen Southside Charmers over on their website and flick a text to 0413 643 349 before 6.30pm with your name, order, and pickup time.

Bowl Bowl

If you’re needing a bit of spice to kick out any weird sniffles or isolation flat vibes, Bowl Bowl Dumpling in Collingwood is doing both hot food options and frozen dumpling packs. Check out their website over here, and get hungry. Hell, cop yourself and duck with pancakes and condiments. Why not.


Returning to UberEats (thank GOD), you can cop yourself one of their delish lobster rolls, or maybe a food-coma-inducing ramen from their online menu. Or you can call ahead for pick up on (03) 9650 8688.


Get out the good plates and the nice wine glasses, because you can cop a bit of Attica goodness at home with their ‘Attica At Home’ range. Been dreaming of that spiced lamb shoulder it’s bloody famous for? Yeah, me too. Peep all the dinner box options (and wine pairings and bottled cocktails) over on the website and lock in a date night.

Bar Margeaux

I dunno about you but I’ve been missing the dirty martinis from Bar Margeaux, you’ll be pleased to know they’ve also pivoted online. Ok you might have to make that martini at home, but they’re doing a fancy takeaway Plat Du Jour menu with some wine pairings over on their website.

Hanoi Hannah

The three southside eateries are doing family packs for home, that you can order online. Think those yummy rice paper rolls, that sticky pork vermicelli, or that stir-fried morning glory, savoured in your home. It’s all for pick-up, unless you can cop the Windsor express spot through Deliveroo.

Thirty Eight Chairs

The South Yarra local is in this for the long haul, slinging out vacuum sealed bulk packs that will make about 20 meals, with a bottle of wine popped in as a free treat. Check out the menu over here and call ’em by 3pm Fridays on (03) 8840 9228 for Saturday pick-up.

Hawker Chan

Affordable Michelin star feed? Ya kidding me! Hawker Chan are on Deliveroo with some fancy takeaway meals coming in at a very thrifty $10 a pop. Or you could order an entire kilo of char siu. Your call.

Maker & Monger

Finally, who says you can’t have a bougie binch cheese platter while you’re staying in? Maker & Monger is doing essentials packs with more than a kilo of cheese in it (woooof) and are delivering within a 5km radius of their Prahran Market location. If you live outside that and are stinging for a soft brie, you can give them a call on (03) 9958 4830 to figure out logistics.