A Bunch Of Takeaway Options That’ll Make Your Body Feel Like A Goddamn Temple

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Have you ever had the internal conflict of being too lazy to cook your own foods but still wanting to eat a reasonably-healthy meal?

Whether it be trying to carve out that summer bod or striving to feel the epitome of ~health~, there are a whole stack of takeaway options that’ll leave you feeling guilt-free. Check out the following takeaway options, all available via Deliveroo, that’ll make your tum feel blessed with nutrients.

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I just can’t stop thinking about their super salad, complete with yummy ingredients like roasted sesame tofu, miso glazed pumpkin, avo and almonds. BRB, wiping up my drool.

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You can’t go past The O.G., feat. salmon sashimi, shallots, kale, beets, red onion, edamame, seaweed, tobiko and shallots. Yes, that was a never-ending list. It’s like the Mary Poppins of food bowls – more just keeps coming out.

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Try to find a chain of stores that produces better rice paper rolls… I’ll wait.

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Check out Zambrero’s bowls, particularly the Powerbowl and Bowl IQ. Great gear. They also offer an abundance of gluten-free, vege and vegan options for us dietary-bound kiddies.

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You just can’t go wrong with a hearty Sub, with an abundance of combos that’ll have your tum and your tastebuds thanking you. (Italian herbs & cheese… you the real MVP.)

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Sushi makes the world go ’round. Need I say more? Sushi Hub’s a great, reliable go-to ‘cos there are a whole heap of them around the country.

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