PSA Sydney: Bondi Institution Totti’s Is Now Doing Takeaway Dinner For A V. Limited Time

If you’ve been craving that delicious, puffy wood-fired bread and insanely good pasta from Totti’s in Bondi, get your best comfy eating pants on because the Sydney cult-fave foodie spot is now doing takeaway for a very limited time.

Working out of the Bottle Shop at the The Royal Hotel, Totti’s is dishing out a selection of its indulgent menu, including those fancy schnitzels, antipasti treats, and a bunch of tum-warming pasta to keep you fed and happy through the COVID-19 shutdown.

I don’t know about you but just looking at the Totti’s instagram has got my stomach growling.

BRB quietly weeping because I haven’t been able to sit in the sun outside a nice pub with a bottle of wine and a bunch of snacky treats for what feels like forever.

And not only that, but the geniuses behind the bar have picked out a few wines to pair with your take-home dinner, or if you’re feeling like leaning right in – bottled cocktails. Honestly one thing I’m really loving from the shutdown is how many bars are bottling their cocktail menus. Genius move, and I truly hope it lasts beyond the shutdown.

So when can you get your fill of that puffy bread that you’ve probably had at least one dream about in the last two weeks? Totti’s takeaway is open for pick-up business from 5-10pm every night from the pub’s bottle shop.

And if you want to really minimise the amount of time outside (which you SHOULD be doing, btw), you can pre-order your dinner delights from 12pm through the new pop-up website.

That’s dinner absolutely sorted, my friends.