Suss Out What You Gotta Do To Lower Your Cancer Risk With This Quiz

A whopping 130,000 Australians are diagnosed with cancer every single year.
And the tragic fact is that a third of these cancers are preventable with lifestyle changes.
With this in mind, CancerAustralia has today launched an online ‘Cancer Risk’ quiz, where you can plug in all manner of lifestyle deets to get real time feedback on how at risk you are of developing cancer. Give it a whirl HERE.

The quiz asks for details about your drinking and smoking habits, how much you get out in the sun, your diet, weight and exercise, to determine your chance of developing cancer. It also provides recommendations and tips on how to change your behaviour for the better.
“We want that number to come down and we want people to realise they can do something about their own risk,” said Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley.
“We all sometimes think ‘oh I hope that doesn’t happen to me’ … what this tool aims to do is educate people how to make sure it doesn’t happen to them, or at least it minimises their risk.”

Source: Cancer Australia

Photo: Cancer Australia.