Pete Evans, Sunscreen Denier, Would Like To Educate Y’all On Skin Cancer

Pete Evans has hit back at everyone criticising him for his bizarre sunscreen comments with – what else? – a lengthy Facebook post.

ICYMI yesterday, Australia‘s #1 Paleo enthusiast copped a bit of heat for telling his 1.5 million Facebook fans that sunscreen contained “poisonous” chemicals and he used a different, all natural product that was the best thing since sliced… well, not bread. Sliced sweet potato.

This morning, he finally cracked it with the “oi yeah nah piss off mate” vibes heading his way, and posted an entire copied-and-pasted article about Vitamin D and Skin Cancer from a Melbourne-based naturopathic doctor.

“Anyone wishing to learn a bit more about Vitamin D and Skin Cancer, please have a read of the following information by medical scientist – John Pietryka from Melbourne,” Evans wrote. “John runs a great clinic and empowers people with up to date (sic) information. If you are looking for current and in depth (sic) medical testing in Australia, check out his website.”

Well, we checked out his website. It includes a quite damning blog post about the ineffectiveness of whooping cough vaccines and increasing rates of the infection. “Just wait for the reaction from health authorities and the media that it is due to parents not vaccinating their children rather than the current vaccine is simply ineffective,” it warns.

But back to skin cancer, the other pressing problem of the day.

The article essentially refers (but does not link) to a “number of studies” that show a correlation between the use of sunscreen and increased incidence of sunburn.”

While we’re not 100% – you can read the article yourself here – it *looks* like this is due to either improperly applying sunscreen or thinking that you can fry in the sun for hours and not reapply, neither of which are adequate reasons for not using sunscreen at all.

“Just because you don’t burn doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk of skin cancer and a tan is a sign of skin damage,” Cancer Council‘s Lead Prevention Manager Scott Walsberger told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “Even mild sunburn can increase your risk of developing melanoma and the more often you are burnt and the more severe the sunburn is, the higher your risk will be.”

“Exposure to the sun in childhood and adolescence is an important factor in the development of skin cancer later in life. Sunburn in childhood is a particular risk factor. However your lifetime or ‘cumulative’ exposure also plays a part. Current scientific evidence suggests that the damage to cells is done in childhood but exposure to UV radiation in adult years triggers skin cancer.”

Cancer Council official guidelines advise you to apply sunscreen properly (at least a teaspoon for each limb, front and back of the body, and half a teaspoon for the face, neck and ears) and reapply throughout the day.

They also advise you take other measures to protect ya’self from skin cancer, like wearing hats, taking care even on overcast days, and not listening to fucking morons on the internet.

(We understand the irony here; go to the Cancer Council for your skin care info, not us, okay? Just keep slippin’, sloppin’ and slappin’ for us. Bless up.)

Photo: Facebook / Pete Evans.