You Can Win A Golden Poo Worth $5K Just By Answering Qs For Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Bowel Cancer Awareness Month right now, and while you might think it has next to no relevance to you because you’re young and somewhat healthy, sadly the latest statistics show that bowel cancer is in fact the deadliest cancer for people aged 25-29 in Australia.

I’ve seen this in action — a pal of mine has lost two of her dear friends to bowel cancer, and both of these women were aged in the “millennial” age bracket when diagnosed. Another one of my friends, who is 33, had some abnormal results and pre-cancerous cells come up in a colonoscopy, so she has to have checks each year to make sure bowel cancer doesn’t develop.

Although bowel cancer is the second deadliest cancer overall in Australia (second only to lung cancer), the great news is that early detection can save lives — the stats show that 98% of bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated if detected early. All the statistics can be found right HERE.

The folks at Bowel Cancer Australia are working hard to spread awareness so that it CAN be detected early, particularly amongst millennials who think bowel cancer is an “old people” problem, and their whole campaign is called Know Your $#*!. Check out the ad here:

Basically, they’re keen for everyone to complete an online quiz, which will clue everyone in on the warning signs to look out for. And just by completing the quiz, you can win a Golden Nugget, which is literally a poo made out of gold that is worth a cool $5,000.

Bowel Cancer
Finally, a turd you can polish. Source: Bowel Cancer Australia

All you have to do is head right HERE to complete the quiz. Even if you don’t take home the expensive poo, you’re still a winner because you’ll be learning very important things about bowel cancer symptoms that you might not have known before. And that, folks, is priceless.