World Health Org Links Mobile Phones To Brain Cancer

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) that operates under the umbrella of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has supposedly found a link between mobile phone use and cancer, classifying the radiation emitted by handsets as “possibly carcinogenic”. The World Today reports that the WHO also said more research is needed and cancer specialists say that if people are worried there are ways for them to reduce their exposure to the risks.

Kurt Straif of the IARC reported that the studies, while inconclusive, suggest evidence of increased risk of forms of brain cancer in prolonged mobile phone use, however, Mr Straif said “it is not at the moment clearly established that the use of mobile phones does in fact cause cancer in humans.”

Some people have already started referring to mobile phone use as the new smoking.

Apparently texting and hands-free are safer optinos than the standard phone-to-ear technique because the possible carcinogens are further from your brain, so keep that in mind in case empirical evidence supporting the mobile-cancer connection ever comes to light.

Maybe the whole Naomi Campbell scandal was simply a symbolic prophesy of all this?

Via The Telegraph