Hallelujah: Quit Being Red Raw With Australia’s First 100% Silk Exfoliating Glove

silk exfoliating
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My general routine could truly benefit from the right exfoliating glove. I mean, I’ve got one, but I never really use it because that shit hurts. I also am a last-minute person so would rather go out flaky than red. Call it priorities.

Anyway, music to my ears that there’s a silk exfoliating glove (and not a scratchy asshole) courtesy of GLOSSRHODE Skin. Sorry if this is not new information to you, but it is to me, and I’m all over it like a rash (that I will not get from this product, it seems).

GLOSSRHODE Skin silk exfoliating glove
GLOSSRHODE Skin Rhode Original Silk Exfoliating Glove, $34.95

The GLOSSRHODE Skin Rhode Original is Australia’s first 100% pure silk exfoliation glove and it even comes with a thumb component – something I hadn’t really thought about until now.

It makes me unwell when my thumb touches my index finger so it’s stunning to know that I don’t have to face that illness should I use this glove in the future. That and the fact that it just makes sense for a more thorough exfoliation?

Anyway. Let’s make you all unwell regardless. Did you know that the top 25-30 layers of our skin consist of dead skin cells? Disgoostang. We’re basically walking, talking corpses who could all go with a good scrub-a-dub-dub.

GLOSSRHODE Skin silk exfoliating glove
pick one lololol

But the GLOSSRHODE Skin silk exfoliating glove doesn’t just buff away those dead skin cells – they do a whole helluva lot more too.

From reducing the appearance of skin bumps and ingrown hairs (hello) to removing patchy fake tan (sup) and improving the appearance of scars, cellulite and stretch marks (all of the above) – it truly is a multitalented piece of shower apparel. All you need is the silk exfoliating glove, some water and some steam and you’re G2G.

GLOSSRHODE Skin silk exfoliating glove

The GLOSSRHODE SKIN Rhode Original Glove is $34.95, but you can slash 20% off right now using the code WELCOME20 at checkout. It’s reusable by hand-washing it in between uses, but you should replace ’em every 8 weeks.