Look What The Tide Dragged In: ‘Straya’s First Floating Hotel Is Here

You: I’ve 10/10 done and seen everything worth publicly doing and seeing in my city: got munted at all the best festivals, Instagrammed eaten at all the best foodie joints, posed stood in front of all the best landmarks… I’m just done.
Us: What about Australia’s first FLOATING HOTEL, ya stayed on that?
No, you have not, because it’s only just *now* floated its majestic self into Sydney Harbour, where it’ll remain until next Wednesday, or until so many people clamour onboard to get a photo that it sinks.

Made from two 20 foot shipping containers, the super-luxe ‘Spontaneity Suite’ usually costs a ridic $36,000 per night. But. But. B U T, it dips to only $99 if you manage to book between the hours of 12pm and 2pm this Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November.

The lucky SOBs who managed to snag a booking for either of those weekend days will be transported by boat to the secret location where the suite is docked.
Your floating castle includes:
  • A five-star suite
  • A rooftop terrace and jacuzzi
  • Floor to ceiling glass frontage on the room
  • Access to Apple TV and Netflix (for chill purposes)
  • Harbour side views that you def couldn’t afford otherwise
  • Room service delivered to you *fresh* by boat, obvs
The floating hotel is a joint venture by Ovolo Hotels (the peeps behind Sydney’s 1888 Hotel and Melbourne’s Laneways Hotel) and *free* hotel booking app HotelTonightwhich is the only place you can book your exclusive stay BTW.
Don’t miss out on the most fun since water beds.
Images: Supplied.