Karlie Kloss Doing A One-Legged Weighted Deadlift On A Bosu Ball Is Baws

Karlie Kloss is a kween.

There’s no two ways about it. 
You could forget about her four year stint at Victoria’s Secret and still be impressed with what she’s packed into her 24 years on earth. She’s a New York University student, a programmer (who’s passionate about getting young girls into coding) and a foundation member of Taylor Swift‘s squad. 
Something else she has mastered?
Training. Particularly on bosu balls.

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The bosu ball is the one thing I’ve never touched at the gym. It honestly looks like it was designed for maximum injury. It’s an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform; basically a stability ball cut in half.
There are a range of exercises you can do on the thing, but most of them involve balance and using your core. 
Kloss’ trainer, Kirk Myers, uploaded this frankly insane vid of the model defying gravity on a bosu at his famous NYC gym, The Dogpound:
She makes it look a little too easy, when in reality, this is one of the most demanding moves you could do in a circuit.
The move she’s smashing is a single leg deadlift with a forward reach, an exercise that’s hard enough on solid ground. Throw in a bosu and then some weights, and you’ve got a champion-building move. 
Want to give this one a red hot go? Your best bet is to first master the move sans bosu. Once you’ve got it down pat (it might take a few sessions of practice) throw in some weight. Nek minnit, you’re on a bosu, and that’s damn impressive.
Source: @kirkmyersfitness / Instagram.
Photo: @karliekloss / Instagram.