Watch Taylor Swift Arm Wrestle Her BFF Karlie Kloss

There are things so adorably twee our bodies can’t even stand them, and then there’s Taylor Swift‘s friendship with Karlie Kloss, which drives that concept to a whole new level. ICYMI, the two of them are quite close.

Vogue recently got pop culture’s two pre-eminent golden retrievers (how do they keep their coats so shiny? they’ll never tell) together to play the Best Friends Game, and our souls left our bodies and transcended to another plane of being.
When asked to describe each other using only the language of emojis, Taylor picked the sun for Karlie, because of course she did, and Karlie picked the princess for Taylor, because of course she did.
Taylor and Karlie had a staring contest. Then they drew portraits of each-other. Then they arm wrestled. Olivia Benson was present the whole time, keeping watch. We’re hyperventilating and sobbing: