Summer’s currently being such a tease. Like, wot doin’. Darn you intermittent windows of beautiful weather – darn you to hell. OVI Hydration – the Hydration Infusion with fruit juice, honey and antioxidants from green tea – want you to #infuseyoursummer (if it ever comes) with some serious goodness. They’re giving away a trip to Bali (see below y’all) for some much deserved R&R. They’re also giving away other equally impressive prizes over the coming weeks so hop over to their Facebook page, give them a like and follow them on Instagram @ovihydration to stay informed


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Goddamn, you’re a stunna’. 

Inner-Peace Is Yours If You Win This  Awesomesauce Trip To Bali

Excessive amounts of cheese aside, Bali is a top notch place to force yourself to take a little *you* time and reset your wellbeing – a.k.a. the destination to turn yourself on and off again, if you will.

All of us – and we mean ALL of us – need a little R&R from this crazy, mixed-up world of ours. Just pick your poison potion: meditation, colouring-in books, getting out in nature, one-way ticket to Denpasar International… y’know. The ~uusj~. (Hey, science says getting out in nature reduces stress and boosts wellbeing, and we’re big fans of science.)

Anyway, if your Chakra is in need of balancing somewhere that requires a passport, then we’ve pulled together some of our fave Bali spots that we’d *much* rather be right now.

In other words: Gimme a holiday. GIMME NOW. 


ANYHOO, wet your whistle with these bad boys.

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For nourishing inside and out, and reconnecting with *you*, book yourself in for seven days at the Bali Goddess Retreat.

It’s got the whole shebang: yoga, meditation, oodles of fresh fruit, a resident chef whipping up nourishing meals, surfing, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, and the most important thing of all: wifi. Complementary wifi. They just *get* us.

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Just like OVI, the Bali Goddess Retreat stresses the importance of hydration by supplying guests with endless amounts of purified spring water. By staying hydrated, you’ll look and feel amazeballs. If you’re in desperate need of hydration, grab a cheeky OVI – the hydration infusion with fruit juice, honey and antioxidants from green tea – to help get back to 110%. 

Bali Goddess Retreat books out quick, so check their availability HERE. (And apologies to our wellness-minded dude friends: it’s a female-only spa retreat.)

??|| PRACTICE PEACE || ?? #mindful #mindovermatter #bliss #inwards #healfeomtheinside #meditation

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Away from the delightful mayhem of Kuta + Seminyak is Ubud, a mountain retreat of digital nomads and *inner peace finders*. Hey, don’t knock it – you ever read ‘Eat Pray Love‘? Well, no, us neither, but Elizabeth Gilbert went to Ubud and made a squillion on the movie / book deal, so there’s something in the water.

Anyway, nestled in this Insta-thirsty mountain scenery is The Yoga Barn, a yoga retreat with a smorgasbord of ‘extras’ to choose from: acupuncture, Pranic healing, Chakra balancing, meditation, etc. And if you want the whole detox shebang, there may or may not be an enema involved. [Find out more about all the classes / retreat packages / accommodation types HERE.]

Just *breathe* … in… and out… and then imagine getting your Warrior poses on in this:

ready for afternoon practice. #yoga #yogi #yogis #yogabarn #igyogaindonesia #ubud #ubudbali #practice #yogadiary #yogajourney #bali #yogafreak #yogalife #yogaeverydamnday

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Spagasm: the anomaly one experiences whilst undergoing pampering at the Acqua Perla Spa.

The Double-Six Hotel is one of the most lavish hotels in Seminyak, boasting relaxing amenities and plenty of places to eat and drink. It’s also the amazing place you’ll be staying if you were to win OVI’s next prize (wink-wink)

Thought we give you a warning that by looking at this photo might gives you travel itch from holiday bug 🙂 #livingit #differently #luxuriously #doublesix #hotel #seminyak #beach #holiday #tropical #summer

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If you’re feeling a bit Evel Knievel, why not indulge in getting tossed around in dangerous currents for a short period of time? 

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White water rafting is super-touristy but with good reason. It’s a hell of a lot of fun if you’re into that sort of thang. 


Get that heart pounding, galfrand.


Here’s how to enter and infuse your summer with OVI:

1.) Buy an OVI. 

2.) Upload a photo or video to Instagram or Facebook of you enjoying summer with your OVI Hydration. 

3.) Make sure to tag your post with @ovihydration and #infuseyoursummer for your chance to win. See their FB page for full terms and conditions.

Inner-Peace Is Yours If You Win This  Awesomesauce Trip To Bali

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