Humble Opinions: These Are The Best Workout Shorts For Blokes, According To Blokes

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There are a certain number of boxes your running shorts need to tick before they become the pair you whack on before hitting the gym or going for a run.

They need to be lightweight, breathable and just the right length in the leg. The right pair of running shorts should help keep you dry, wick away sweat and prevent any chafing. You probably also want them to have some kind of storage via pockets to stick your keys, cards and phone in while you workout.

So how do you find the perfect pair of men’s running shorts? You ask your mates, colleagues and strangers on the Internet for their humble opinions on the best workout shorts for men. So here you have it, these are the best ones, according to some exercise enthusiasts.

Lululemon Bowline Short 8″

Lululemon Bowline Short 8″ $54

“I have four pairs of these that have lasted like seven years. You can throw them in the dryer, wet, treat ’em like crap, who cares, still exactly the same! Also, the fun little zipper back pocket is good for when you’re running with your phone.” — Brad

Nike Challenger Men’s Dri-FIT Brief-Lined Running Shorts

Nike Challenger Men’s Dri-FIT Brief-Lined Running Shorts, $45

“I mean I’ll take anything Nike but their Dri-Fit range is taaaight. Comfy, stretchy and goes with anything. Often rock ’em with a tee when heading for a walk. Also, the zip on the back for a card or key when walking without your mob.” — Tom

Under Armour Men’s Launch 2 in 1 Running Shorts

Under Armour Men’s Launch 2 in 1 Running Shorts, $65

These Under Armour ones for sure. Cheaper and have built-in C O M P R E S S I O N! They’re super comfy and durable. I wear them for tennis and can be used for all kinds of workouts. Plus, they’re not too short for my chicken legs either.” — Will

2XU Aero 7″ Shorts

2XU Aero 7″ Shorts $59.95

“I hunted around for the best running shorts for ages — I have a few brands that are okay but these are the first ones I’ve ever bought multiples of. (That’s high praise from me!) They’re the perfect length for me, not too short so it’s all thighs (because no one wants to see that). But there’s nothing worse than running in long shorts either. These are just right, and also keep my ass cool when I’m trundling along, always a bonus.” — Julien

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