Nike’s Released Its First Period Protection Shorts & I Bloody Well Tried Them Didn’t I

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Anyone with a vulva will tell you that when it comes to working out while on your period, it can be tricky business. Firstly, you’ve gotta figure out what type of workout your uterus is actually going to let you participate in (thank you, heavy bleeding/cramps). Then, you’ve got to find an outfit you find comfortable enough to wear while doing said workout that you aren’t terrified you’re going to bleed through. It’s bloody exhausting.

But the good news is that the legends over at Nike have finally released its new One Leak Protection Biker Shorts. They’re essentially the best-selling Nike One Shorts but with an ultra-thin, super-absorbent liner built into the shorts to help protect against period leaks (or any kind of leak).

The period shorts were designed to be worn with your chosen choice of period protection — tampon, pad or cup — and provides an added layer of protection without that bulky, nappy feeling that some period performance wear can give. The liner is there to give you an added layer of confidence while you’re working out.

So how do Nike’s One Leak Protection Bike Shorts work?

Nike tested out over 30+ prototypes over a number of years to ensure the right fit, movement and comfort when it came to the shorts. They tested the absorption of the material by mimicking blood absorption directly onto the built-in liner. I was lucky enough to see this in person at Nike’s World Head Quarters before it launched into the market. Honestly, I was amazed by just how effortlessly the testing blood absorbed into the material without any kind of spill or leakage through the fabric.

After seeing it tested in the lab, I was keen to do a wear test IRL, so the minute the shorts dropped in Australia, I got my hands on a pair. I’m a cup girlie, and anyone who’s used a cup would know that sometimes you spring a leak, and things can get real messy, real quick — especially when you’re playing sports. I decided to really put them to the test by wearing them to touch footy and playing a full 40-minute game, here’s how it went.

Period shorts, periods, Nike Period Protection Biker Shorts

Nike’s One Leak Period Protection Biker Shorts, $80

Initial thoughts

Sliding into the shorts, I noticed the material was thicker than my usual Nike Pro 365s. They suctioned to my legs and tummy really well, giving me that held-in feeling you want from any kind of activewear bottoms, TBH. I obviously didn’t wear undies under these because the liner is essentially a built-in pair, so I was curious how they would feel once I got moving. Surprisingly, they were super comfy once I got used to them. I expected to be able to see a panty line, but it was relatively seamless. My only critique is that the shorts themselves were a little long on my legs, but I’m also 5’2, so it happens.

What did they feel like while exercising?

One huge plus was that I felt super comfortable and secure in the shorts from the get-go. I definitely wasn’t concerned with leakage. In fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind at the time. Usually, when I’ve got my period and play sports, I’m pretty conscious of it. During the game, I also noticed that I wasn’t constantly pulling the legs of my shorts down as much as I would usually, they stayed firmly in place. I didn’t get any kind of discomfort or wedgies while running, which is always a plus.

How did they manage leakage?

Really well! I did spring a leak, which isn’t uncommon when you play sports or exercise while on your period — no matter what kind of period products you’re using. But because of the absorption of the liner, I never felt a thing. And trust me, if you don’t menstruate, you can always feel a leak. The only reason I noticed was when I went to empty my cup post-game, I could see a slight shadow on the liner, but it never leaked through to the short.

To really test it out, I wore the shorts again to workout three days later when I was on the tail end of my period. It was light but still enough to need a liner. I went sans liner and decided to trust the built-in one — and I was right to do so. It held up through a 45-minute strength/cardio session without leaking through.

While I wouldn’t recommend doing this on a heavy day — Nike does specify that the shorts were designed to be worn with your chosen choice of period protection, not in replace of — but on your lighter days, if you’re game, I think you could get away with it for a quick sweat session. But try it at your own risk.

Overall thots and feels

Will I wear these bad bois when I have my period? Absolutely. I felt super confident that I wouldn’t leak through this pair of shorts, and I love that they don’t feel bulky or chunky around the gusset. They’re pretty damn seamless and effortless to wear, not unlike my go-to 365s, only thicker and a little more flattering.

The Price

I also found the price pretty reasonable compared to other period shorts on the market. I know $80 isn’t super affordable for everyone, but I think they’re a worthwhile investment given that I’ve had most of my Nike activewear for years, and it’s still in pretty good nick.

Cleaning the Shorties

The period shorts were super easy to clean, you don’t really need to do much outside of your regular wash. I’d just recommend rinsing the gusset until the water runs clean if you do spring a leak before chucking them in the washing machine.

If you want to try them out, you can shop Nike’s One Leak Period Protection Biker Shorts here.