It’s official: the keys to the country’s weekly pre-sesh vibe check show have been handed over, and Melbourne DJ Jade Zoe is locked in as the resident heater-wrangler for Triple J’s House Party after a few weeks on the tools.

Faced with the job of having to hype everyone up after 12 months of pandemic life, lockdowns, quiet clubs, and nobody quite sure if they can dance or not, Jade is keen as to swing open the front door of the country’s collective hoon as Australia finds its feet again.

PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke with Jade about her now permanent position as Triple J’s resident party primer, and how she wants the 2021 return to be.

“[The announcement] makes it feel more real, even though I’ve been in there for the last few weeks,” she said.

“Sometimes I forget that I’m on the radio and I’m just hanging out with myself in the studio. But now that it’s official, I’m excited that I can be like ’email me new music!’ because I love listening to new music, and now I can officially ask people to just send it to me.

“Especially with COVID I was literally an out of work DJ for nearly a whole year, so to then be now DJing for the whole country every Saturday night is just so unbelievable, and amazing.”

Taking on the mantle of House Party host comes with some big shoes to fill, with previous hosts including Nina Las VegasKLP and most recently Ebony Boadu – who’s now in the Breakfast slot. Not only that but Jade now has the challenge of getting an entire country hyped up to party after a very long 12 months of minimal hooning.

“Because I’ve been DJing for quite some time, getting back to those classics that I know will hype people up,” she said.

“Just getting people excited about all the new music, especially the stuff that’s been coming out locally, since we’ve been locked down. There’s just so much cool stuff coming out of Australia as a whole at the moment, and I feel like listeners are getting behind Australian artists because they know what happened during COVID.”

Jade’s new job is making her a bit of a triple threat too; she’s also studying a double-degree in Science and Chinese Medicine, as well as DJing on the reg. Though she’s thankful House Party gets her out of those late nights on the club decks, she’s keen to be a positive influence for Asian-Australians who want to chase their creative passions.

“When I was growing up, I had Yumi Stynes, who I absolutely loved,” she said.

“And especially with what’s going on worldwide with the Asian hate at the moment, I just want to bring a positive vibe. I know so many Asian Australians – obviously, I am one – but just to have someone positive kinda in the mainstream to show younger generations you can do something like this.

“We grew up with not that many people in the mainstream to look up to and be like ‘oh maybe I can do something creative’, because sometimes with Asian cultures, that’s not an option.”

House Party with Zoe Jade is on Triple J every Saturday night from 6-9pm, and you can tune in on your radio or stream live on the Triple J website. We can’t wait to hear the heaters she’s gonna bring to the coveted Saturday night slot.

Image: Supplied