Sure we’re all very busy people in this, the 2017th year of our lord and saviour Beyoncé, what with our careers, our social lives, our side gigs and all that, but it’s probably safe to say none of us have as many fingers in as many proverbial pastries as one KLP.

WATCH: Triple J’s KLP Dishes Advice On How To Manage That Side Hustle Lyf

Also known as Kristy Lee Peters, KLP is the host of House Party on Triple J, a singer-songwriter and artist as well as a writer, producer and DJ, and jeez, I’m already exhausted just typing all of that.

As a certified queen of multi-tasking who better to help kickstart your new year, and bring to you the tips and tricks on making all your side hustles work together to make a killer career?

Grab her insight on everything from the 80/20 method, to the importance of seeking out those “FUCK YEAH” moments, in our Snapchat video below:

KLP’s new single ‘Back In The Room’ is out today and you can grab it right here.

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Photo: Klaus Carson.