Infinite Minigolf, in essence, is a harmless game. With no golf club-related violence happening within the world, one can safely assume the game would receive an E rating. E standing for Everyone.

And you’d be right. The game was indeed given that rating by the ESRB and released on the Nintendo Switch on July 24. It’s minigolf for fuck’s sake, it’s for everyone.

Only the game was pulled from the Switch’s online US shop on August 10 because the ESRB rating had changed. The game’s creator, Zen Studios says a poster on the wall of the “Giant House” level was the reason for the change and to be fair, we can see why.

Curious about which exact poster could have caused the rating change, Kotaku writer Mike Fahey had a look around for himself in the PlayStation 4 version of the game. It wasn’t long before he spotted the problem.


Hmm, there’s your problem. The women hanging around that that demon’s schlong are wearing barely anything. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are rated T for Teen, citing “suggestive themes”.

Zen haven’t confirmed whether that particular poster is the reason for the change in rating, but if you ask me, it probably is. The only other decal that could be a potential issue is pictured below, but it seems benign enough.

The company say the offending content has since been removed from the Switch version and resubmitted to the ESRB. No doubt the game will be back up on the eShop in no time with 100 percent less barely clothed women.

Source: Kotaku
Image: Infinite Minigolf